Earliest Spring Ever?

I’ve been mulling over the content of this newsletter for the past week, and until today had settled on a headline like “Earliest Spring ever!” The newsletter to follow would have detailed all the early outdoor seedings and plantings I’ve completed over the past 2 weeks: sugar snap peas, radishes, sweet salad turnips, carrots, and various salad greens.
Fast-forward to today’s 3” of snow. Earliest Spring ever?

In years past I probably wouldn’t have slept much last night – instead waking up every 45 minutes to look out the window and send some mental energy out into the universe for the storm to pass over Norton. Will my pea plants survive? Will my carrots still germinate? I’m not sure. The only thing I’m confident in is that worrying contributes nothing towards a plant’s ability to withstand a snowstorm.
Farming is filled with risk, and unfortunately I often forget this fact until an impactful weather event reminds me. For the past three weeks I had been eyeing our farm’s 4 hoophouses that usually grow early-season vegetables and thinking, 'what a waste of plastic – I guess I won’t need these this year.'

And today all I can think is how thankful I am to have those hoophouses into which I can seed early spring vegetables while I wait for the snow to melt and the soil to warm up again. Thankfully a smarter version of myself built these hoophouses years ago, and this Nor’easter has been a timely reminder of just how important risk management is on the farm. 

CSA News
I’m thrilled to announce that 2016 marks our highest CSA retention rate yet, over 80%! Our CSAs would be almost entirely full but we’ve added 10 additional spots to each CSA this year. There are only 5 spots remaining in our Braintree Summer CSA and 15 or fewer spots remaining in each of the other locations and seasons. To sign up for our CSAs, you can fill out and mail in our confirmation form.

On our website we also have a list of frequently asked questions concerning our CSAs as well as a harvest list that details what crops we grow and when they’ll be available.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll let you know how the rest of month goes!


Early beets enjoying the weather in our seedling house!

Early beets enjoying the weather in our seedling house!