Spring in November

Hi all,

I don’t know about you, but my brain was working hard last week to reconcile the 70-degree weather with the 5pm sunsets – it just didn’t make sense! I’ll take it though, as this warm November weather is perfect for maturing late fall plantings of crops like broccoli and cauliflower, which I planted on the late side with my fingers crossed.

Even though we’ve had some beautiful fall afternoons, the shorter day lengths and chilly mornings make me inclined to ease up, and I have to keep reminding myself the danger of doing so. There are still row covers to roll-up, root crops like potatoes and carrots to harvest, and neglected piles of who-knows-what to sort and put away.

If I need any extra motivation to get things done this fall, I think about the snow that persisted until mid-April this year. Who knows how long the upcoming winter will last, and how crunched for time the farm will be come April? So my goal for November, on top of harvesting for our CSAs and farmers’ markets, is to clean up and prepare all our beds so that all we have to do next spring is put the seeds or transplants in the ground. I’m still looking at the note from “Summer Adam” that reads ‘don’t screw me over’ and it might as well be from “Spring Adam” talking to me right now. There are still miles to go before the farm sleeps.

Though I’ve been pleased with how the year has gone so far, I know there are still a lot of improvements our farm can make in both the quality and selection of vegetables, as well as your experience in buying them. While I have some definite ideas, I’d love to hear what you think about how our farm can better serve you in 2016. We’ve created a short 10-question survey to generate feedback, and as thanks for your time, we’ll enter you into a drawing to win a free 2016 Spring CSA share. You can access the survey here while the year’s produce is still fresh in your mind!

In other news, we have 2 weeks left of Saturday Farmers’ Markets on the South Shore: the 14th in Hingham, and the 21st in both Braintree and Hingham. We still have a great selection of greens and root vegetables, and we would be incredibly thankful for the opportunity to provide some of the vegetables at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!


Our market tables are still fully stocked!

Our market tables are still fully stocked!