Keeping it Fresh

Hi all,

I hope you’re doing well and have been enjoying the mild winter thus far! Though there are no weeds to pull or vegetables to harvest, I’ve still been quite busy – one project I’m particularly excited about is our brand new website. Besides a more intuitive, mobile-friendly design, it has many new features like dedicated pages for each vegetable that include information such as culinary tips, storage guidelines, and unique recipes. There are also many new pictures taken by my friend Ashley of sheofthewoods, and perhaps most important of all, the website allows you to purchase CSA shares online (yes – that means our 2017 CSAs are now open to new member enrollment!)

With the new website completed, my next big winter task is to finalize our 2017 crop plan. I’ve been reviewing last year’s market inventory records, and the numbers speak loud and clear: more carrots, salad greens, cucumbers, broccoli, and green zucchini!  Of course we’ll make sure there are plenty of tomatoes when in season, and we’ll continue to experiment with new vegetables to keep things exciting!


If you think the chard pictured above is a throwback from earlier this fall, it’s a great guess but false! Megan and I were stocking up on leftover root vegetables this week, and were pleasantly surprised to find these beauties hiding in the walk-in cooler. I love this picture because it highlights the differences between our vegetables and those from the grocery store; because our vegetables are grown in healthy soil, and with all the nutrients they require, both their shelf-life and flavor are far superior. The Swiss chard pictured above is over 2 months old, and it still looks and tastes like it was harvested yesterday!

With only four weeks until I start the first seeds of 2017, I’m starting to get excited - with the help of our fantastic veteran crew, I look to continue making strides in our overall market and CSA experience!

Thank you again for your support - you all inspire me to continue growing as both a farmer and person, and I can’t wait to reconnect once spring arrives!


Our new website is ready for action!

Our new website is ready for action!