Oh Snap - Peas are Back!

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Reunion tours are all the rage these days, and so it’s no surprise that sugar snap peas are getting the band back together at Second Nature Farm this year. Peas are needy creatures – they want staking, trellising, and then oh-so-careful picking. But sugar snap peas are so darn delicious, I decided they were worth another go ‘round. The Sugar Snap peas aren’t touring alone, however. Word on the street is that Heads of Broccoli will be the opening act – make sure to arrive early, you don’t want to miss them!           

Speaking of arriving early to our markets, I wanted to give Braintree customers and CSA members a heads up that Saturday marks the annual 4th of July parade, which though fun and patriotic, unfortunately causes traffic delays and road closures nearing the market. If possible, I recommend showing up before noon in order to have as smooth of an experience entering and leaving the market as possible. Regardless, we’ll be there until 1pm with your vegetables!


We've definitely entered the sprinting stage of the year. Every square inch of the farm is calling for attention - seed, plant, weed, harvest, repeat. We just finished planting our last succession of tomatoes for harvest in September and October, and next week we'll start seeing carrots for bunching this fall. It's so strange that just as the season ramps into high gear, so appear traces of its end.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you Saturday, from 9am-1pm in Hingham or Braintree!



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The crew - still smiling after a wet Thursday!

The crew - still smiling after a wet Thursday!