2019 CSAs Now Open!

The new year has begun and with it CSA sign-ups! As many of you know our CSA programs are the heart and soul of Second Nature Farm. The capital that CSA brings into the farm is crucial for covering our early expenses, projects, and labor. Second Nature Farm is what it is today from your years of support and devotion, and I hope you join us in our 2019 CSA programs! Some of you may be wondering if there are going to be changes to the CSA and the answer is no - I will carry on the flexible, you-choose and diverse CSA offerings that Adam and Megan have perfected. I am extremely excited to share my love of growing fresh produce and snacking veggies with you and your family.

What’s happening at the farm now? The winter solstice is behind us, days are getting longer and the time is near to start sowing seeds in the greenhouse. These tiny little seeds have laid dormant waiting for the amazing powers of life to begin with some compost, water, sunshine and a whole lot of love. To be a seed on this farm is to have a life free from commercial pesticides and insecticides. Our seeds sink their roots into deep nutrient dense soil, growing to maturity and harvested at peak ripeness and flavor. This is what Second Nature Farm is about.

I am often asked, how long have you been growing vegetables? My answer is as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is of being four or five years old and planting in our large family garden with my parents, placing newspaper collars around our transplants to protect them from insects. I cannot remember a time when growing fresh food was not part of my life. In elementary school my dream was to be a scientist. In a weird sort of way it came true. A farmer is many different things: a seeder, weeder, picker, washer, bagger, buncher, agronomist, plant health care provider and caretaker.  Looking back now, these simple childhood tasks molded me into the farmer I am today.

The most rewarding part of farming is when a young child at the market or CSA pick-up asks their parents for our fresh veggies. I always remind myself on the days when it’s 95 degrees and 90% humidity or raining sideways, my boots half full of water, that this is why I do this.  I cannot explain my excitement to have the opportunity to grow wonderful produce for you and your family, and learn about your stories and share mine.

The Second Nature Farm family thanks you for all your support. Without you none of this could be possible…

Sign up for our 2019 CSAs here

To be continued,

Farmer Joe