SECOND NATURE FARM grows 3 acres of certified naturally growN VEGETABLES in norton, ma

The Carvalho family spent years of dedication learning how to grow the highest quality vegetables without using chemicals or pesticides, and now works alongside a dedicated staff to achieve this goal.

Second Nature Farm attends the Braintree and Hingham farmers' markets on Saturday mornings from May-November, and offers a CSA program with pick-up locations at both markets as well at the farm in Norton.


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Signing up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a great way to support small farmers while at the same time receiving the freshest, most flavorful vegetables at an unbeatable price. CSA members commit to receiving a mix of vegetables weekly or biweekly, from either our farmers' market stand or our farm in Norton, MA. 

In exchange for a CSA member's investment in our farm, they receive not only preferential variety and selection (the first tomatoes of the season always go to CSA members), but also more vegetables for their dollar!

Not your Average CSA

As we've learned from previous years, each CSA member has different needs and tastes. While one member may want beets each week, another member may not like beets at all, and yet another may want beets every couple weeks. In order to satisfy most, we allow members to choose the majority of their CSA share's contents. Each week there are 2-3 "core" items that all members receive, and 4-5 "you choose" items that members select from our produce display.

Need just a few sprigs of thyme or dill? No problem. CSA members access our self-serve herb crate to select whatever fresh herbs they need during the week, free of charge. Selection varies based on season, and may include basil, cilantro, dill, parsley, mint, rosemary, sage, and thyme. 

Members also receive 10% off any additional produce during their CSA season. 


Worried that a full share might mean too many vegetables? Try a half share! Half-share members pick-up a full-share amount every other week during our Summer CSA season. Since the majority of our freshly-harvested produce lasts upwards of 2 weeks, half-share members enjoy a smaller amount of produce with the added convenience of attending fewer CSA pick-ups.


Spring CSA / May - June
4 weeks of unbeatable spring vegetables at a time when you're craving anything fresh! Our Spring CSA features many different salad greens along with baby root vegetables and scallions.

Summer CSA / June - October
Our Summer CSA is filled with the best vegetables summer has to offer - juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, sweet carrots, and tender salad greens. Over 30+ types of vegetables during the season to choose from!

Fall CSA / November - December
Frost doesn't stop our Fall CSA! Cold weather increases the sugar content of many vegetables, and so our fall carrots, baby spinach, lettuce, and broccoli (to name only a few) are the sweetest crops of the year.



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